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Top tips to tame your RLS

1. Exercises
A popular treatment is gentle stretching of the legs, particularly of the hamstring and calf muscles for at least five minutes before retiring. This can be done by using a wide crepe bandage, scarf or other length of material around the foot to stretch and then relax the legs.
Click here to download the Patient Information Exercises 1.

2. Exercises
Here is a list of practical strategies which people with RLS have reported as helpful. People with RLS have become very clever and even creative, at finding strategies to cope with their frustrating symptoms.
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3. Winning Essay on RLS
The RLS Foundation in the US conducted an essay competition. Here’s the winning entry –Hope you enjoy the wisdom of the winner, Sara Burn’s approach.
Click here to download the Music Takes Her to Dreamland.

4. Essay on RLS – runner-up
This item was a runner-up in the RLS Foundation’s ESSAY COMPETITION (USA). Your editor really related to it because it’s similar to one of my survival techniques! You have to do this at the early stages before the twitches really set in!
Click here to download the Walking on the Wall for RLS Relief by Dr Lewis Whikehart PhD

5. Fact Sheet from Parkinsons Foundation
This Fact Sheet was devised by Anne Mathon of the Parkinson's Disease Society of the UK. It consists of responses from members who wrote offering suggestions (following a reader's letter in their newsletter).
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6.Useful Websites and Other Links
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